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Bright Stars 3 - 8 years
Vietnam - Japan Soccer Star Sport Center - More Than Just A Soccer Program

Our Junior program is designed to support the progressive growth stages of young children and to help them gain muscle mass, strength and improve their co-ordination. As children enter into school-age, their abilities and understanding of concepts and the world around them continues to grow, and our program is tailored to enhance these learning experiences.

While our Junior program builds on previous experience, it is designed to be inclusive, non-competitive and great fun. That means anyone can join, including beginners! Our soccer classes are a great way to build physical and social skills while having fun for kids of all experience levels.

Best of all our soccer programs align with the Early Years Learning Framework.


Vietnam Japan Football Stars Sports Training Center - VJSS was established in June 2013. Controls the NTV Football Club with components including local coaches and is supported by invitations from local coaches. coach from Japan, stemming from the need for community-oriented football.
Main attachment: improve football training, create healthy and safe playgrounds and contribute to the development of children's passion for football.

Coaching team at VJSS: all come from Vietnam University of Physical Education and Sports and Japan University of Physical Education and Sports. Always apply and foster project-based training methods of BK Sport College Academy (Japan) and Japan Soccer School according to community soccer standards of the Japanese Football Federation (JFA - Standar) purchased by VJSS copyright 2013.

Coming to VJSS: children have the opportunity to develop in a dynamic, safe, and professional environment. They can be more confident, show team spirit, connect with friends, be disciplined, show teamwork, behave in a beautiful style,... through soccer exercises. That is the goal of VJSS as a youth football club, accepting male and female students from all walks of life

Parents can feel grateful when their children have a good way to play on the field to develop skills and character using a Japanese teaching approach.

Only available at VJSS Vietnam - Japan Football Star Sports Center
Technical Station

Soccer technique involves drills that teach dribbling, control, passing, and shooting. This is where the kids develop basic skills they will use for the rest of their soccer careers.

Class Schedule & Tuition

Each training session lasts 90 minutes.


  • 800,000 VND / month - 8 sessions / 2 sessions per week.
  • 400,000 VND / month - 4 sessions / 1 training session per week.
  • Students must equip their own shoes to be able to play on the artificial turf field.
  • Input fee for facilities: 250,000 VND - cost of buying clothes, socks and 1 foot protector.
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HOTLINE: (028)3.940.25.12 - 0901.445.791 (District 4 area).

Mr. Hoai Anh - Manager: 0903.80.88.33 (Hotline for all VJSS).

Parents and children, please contact VJSS to advise children on reasonable class times, suitable for the right age class.

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Bright Stars 3 - 8 years

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